Getting the most out of assets and buildings by incorporating all-inclusive, fixed overheads for all types of energy

Dalkia provides a range of solutions for developers, investors, property managers and associations covering offices, commercial real estate, tertiary property and facilities management services. These solutions are designed to optimize and secure operating costs for buildings by incorporating energy and environmental performance targets as a key driver.

Our offer includes a number of innovative features such as integrated project support, energy performance management and all-inclusive energy services to support an energy revival in property assets, turning them into state-of-the-art, intelligent buildings.

Digital2Energy solutions lower energy bills through energy performance initiatives and the use of energy savings certificates.

Digital2Energy solutions make the best use of IoT in order to increase comfort, decrease bill and safeguard our environment. Our scope of connected solutions covers air-conditionning, costs management, guests registration, conference rooms reservation systems.

Our services include assisting owners in designing and renovating buildings (through our expertise in systems and maintainability, dynamic thermal modelling, building information modelling and consulting), along with project follow-up and building commissioning, ensuring delivery according to the owner’s project requirements.