Tertiary sector

Dalkia supports a wide range of stakeholders in the tertiary sector, including property developers, owners, managers and final users. We implement innovative energy saving programs for commercial customers. We combine engineering with low-voltage systems and automation – i.e. elements of intelligent buildings.

We manage the consumption of electricity, heat, cooling, gas and water. Our Digital2Energy offer combines engineering services with IT systems to ensure lower energy consumption reduction of carbon footprint and adjustment of facilities to the highest standards.

Energy performance and innovation: game changers in the tertiary sector

Stakeholders in the tertiary sector include property developers, owners, managers and users. All aim to improve rent return and ROI while providing occupants with the level of comfort they expect from their building with optimal overheads. Environmental performance is a game changer in the tertiary sector, with innovations and shared services now making a real impact.

We work alongside stakeholders to enhance the energy and environmental performance of buildings while ensuring „all-inclusive” overheads for utilities.

Our solutions cover hard facility management and energy-related services for buildings and can also include multi-service capabilities (through a partnership approach).