Investing in the energy transition involves a financial outlay. Fortunately, you have many financing options. We can help you source them.

When planning an energy transition investment, financing issues are a key decision factor. Dalkia Polska has experience in obtaining public refundable and non-refundable funds, including white certificates, for pro-environmental investments.

For each investment Dalkia Polska proposes an appropriately adjusted financial model.

Who is it for?

Funding will interest you if:

  • you want to opt for a partnership to finance ancillary investments, e.g., to expand a boiler plant, develop co-generation, set up a compressed air station
  • you want a solution that doesn't involve a long-term commitment 
  • you are looking for a partner who will take responsibility for the maintenance of the installation 


  • staggering of capital expenditure over time 
  • co-development of the financial structure
  • support in obtaining public funding (refundable and non-refundable forms)


In 2022 alone, we saved 6.2 TWh of energy for our customers, avoiding 4.2 Mt of CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking more than 2 million cars off the road.