Implementation of work in the pharmaceutical industry in the field of comprehensive execution of new installations including the construction of rooms and the qualification of installations and rooms.



  • Installation of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning including for clean rooms in class C and D:
    • reconstruction of existing systems with relocation of air handling units with total capacity of ~ 19 500 m3/h
    • supply and installation of a new supply air handling unit with a capacity of 21 000 m3/h and two exhaust air handling units with BI-BO filters with a total capacity of 21 500 m3/h,
    • Construction of all new ventilation ducts with HEPA filtered air intakes,
    • execution of ventilation and air conditioning installation for Trafo and UPS rooms with capacity of ~ 6 800 m3/h,
    • installation of freon air conditioning in the office part, 
  • Technological heat installation - adaptation to new layouts and rooms, 
  • Chilled water installation - construction of a machine room and extension of the installation by two new units (up to approx. 1,900 kW) to service the coolers in the air handling units, fan coil units and clean media technology equipment,
  • Construction of a complete technological steam and condensate plant, based on a newly installed external container boiler house with a maximum capacity of 2000 kg/h and consisting of three steam circuits: 3 bar(g), 5 bar(g) and 8 bar(g),
  • Construction of a complete compressed air installation based on a newly installed air-cooled oil-free screw compressor with a capacity of up to 8.8 m3/min, along with a 3.15 m3 buffer tank and adsorption dryer,
  • Modernisation of the cold water, hot water and sewerage systems including the installation of sanitary, technological, and contaminated sewerage systems,
  • Equipped all installations with an automatic system for controlling and supervising their operation and connected to the BMS system.