Electric boilers

Energy efficiency and carbon neutrality at the forefront.
Faced with the challenges of optimizing energy use and striving for decarbonization, electric boilers provide a solution to achieve both goals. Using electricity instead of traditional fossil fuels, these boilers provide an eco-friendly approach to heat energy generation, eliminating CO2 emissions on the user's premises. They are characterized by simplicity of installation, high efficiency and ease of use, which makes them meet the needs of medium and large industrial plants.

The use of electric boilers principle

In electric boilers, electricity is fully converted into heat, which guarantees almost 100% energy efficiency. The advantage of these devices is quick startup and the ability to precisely control the steam pressure. 

There are two main types of boilers available:

  • Low voltage boilers
  • High voltage boilers

What are the main advantages of electric boilers?

  • almost 100% efficiency: full conversion of electrical energy into heat.
  • Zero CO2 emissions at the point of use, which contributes to environmental protection.
  • Precise regulation of steam pressure, which ensures optimal energy use.
  • Simple installation and commissioning and low maintenance costs.
  • Durable and reliable construction, minimizing the risk of failure.
  • Possibility of quick power modulation, which allows for precise adjustment to current demands and price changes on the energy market.

For whom will an electric boiler be the best solution?

Electric boilers are an ideal choice for modern industrial and commercial enterprises that value not only energy efficiency and ecological aspects, but also simplicity of installation and minimization of operating costs. They are especially recommended for:

  • Industrial plants with low demand for steam or hot water, where speed and precision of energy supply are crucial.
  • Enterprises looking for technologies supporting sustainable development and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Installations where there is a need to quickly adapt thermal power to changing production requirements.

Is an electric stove profitable?

The profitability of electric boilers can be very attractive, especially with current trends in energy prices and the availability of renewable energy sources. Due to their high efficiency, low maintenance and operational costs, and ability to use renewable energy, electric boilers can offer significant savings in the long run. An important factor is also the possibility of using them in energy systems with variable energy prices throughout the period ( day and night), which allows for additional savings by using energy in periods of lower prices.

We cooperate with the famous manufacturers!

Dalkia Polska Solutions cooperates, ensuring the highest quality of the offered solutions
with the famous  manufacturers of electric boilers, such as  LOOS BOSH and Danstoker.

Thanks to this, we guarantee devices that meet all applicable European and Polish standards, both in terms of construction and ecology.

Take a step towards sustainable development.

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