Compressed air

Energy efficiency, innovation and environmental protection.
Compressed air is widely used as a medium in many industries. It is a frequently used energy carrier to power pneumatically driven machines and devices, which can also have many other applications, e.g. in the processing of plastics, transport and aeration of granular materials. Commonness, availability, ease of transmission over long distances - these are just some of the advantages that influence the popularity of compressed air.

What is compressed air?

Compressed air is air produced using compressors and its pressure is higher than atmospheric. It serves as an energy carrier to power pneumatically driven machines and devices. However, before the compressed air reaches the receiver, it must be properly prepared - dried and cleaned - and its pressure and flow rate are adjusted to the level required for a given application.

Losses in compressed air production - how to avoid them?

Although compressed air plays a key role in many processes, its production comes with challenges.

Statistically, as much as 10% of global electricity consumption in industry is intended for the production of compressed air. However, the energy efficiency of the system producing this medium rarely exceeds 15%, which means that most, as much as 85%  of the energy used is lost in the form of waste heat. However, there are advanced and proven solutions that allow for an effective reduction in the amount of wasted energy used, for example, to power systems, including compressors, dryers, cooling systems and AKPiA systems. Modernization of existing installations, detection and elimination of leaks, use of modern compressor technologies and waste heat recovery enable companies to significantly reduce operating costs and bring almost immediate savings.

Advantages of compressed air – versatility and safety

  • Ease of storage and transport: ability to be easily stored and transmitted over long distances.
  • Reliability in various conditions: excellent performance over a wide temperature range, from very low to high.
  • Safety of use: Devices using compressed air are lighter and characterized by greater safety compared to devices with an electric drive.

We reduce the costs of compressed air production!

To reduce the costs associated with the production and use of compressed air as much as possible, we suggest the following solutions  :

  • Installation modernization: increasing energy efficiency by modernizing infrastructure.
  • Liquidation of leaks: preventing energy and material losses by sealing the pneumatic system.
  • Modern compressors: investing in devices with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.
  • Construction of your own compressor rooms: control over the compressed air production process and adaptation of the installation to individual needs.
  • Optimization of energy consumption in production processes: reducing energy consumption through better management and use of compressed air.
  • Use of waste heat: heat recovery from compressed air production processes for other applications.
  • Maintaining the lowest possible pressure in the installation: reduction of energy consumption by optimizing working pressure.

You benefit!

By implementing our solutions in the field of compressed air, you open your company to various benefits that not only increase energy efficiency, but also contribute to a significant reduction in operating costs. Benefits of the compressed air solutions used:

  • Reducing the costs of compressed air production: significant reduction in compressed air production costs, which then transforms into lower energy bills.
  • Comprehensive modernization of the installation: a full range of modernization services for all key installation elements, increasing energy efficiency and operational efficiency.
  • Turn- key solution with investment financing: comprehensive solutions, including a financing option that provides the implementation of projects without burdening financial liquidity.

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