Compressed air

Don't waste your energy! Check out the compressed air services we offer and see why we are the best partner for you.

Compressed air is air produced using compressors that has a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. It is widely used as a medium in many industries and in energy storage systems (CAES compressed air energy storage).

It acts as an energy carrier to power pneumatically driven machinery and equipment. Before compressed air reaches the receiver, it must be properly prepared, dried, and cleaned, and its pressure and flow rate are adjusted to the level required for the given application.

Who is it for?

Compressed air services are for you if:

  • you are looking for a partner who can take care of the whole supply chain from design through construction to operational and financial support (outsourcing)
  • you observe large energy losses in the process of compressed air production and distribution


  • lower compressed air production costs, which are directly linked to electricity prices
  • comprehensive modernisation of individual elements of the installation 
  • turnkey solution with investment financing by Dalkia


In 2022 alone, we saved 6.2 TWh of energy for our customers, avoiding 4.2 Mt of CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking more than 2 million cars off the road.