Energy services for buildings

According to the EU directive adopted in 2018 all member states are set to reduce primary energy consumption by 20%. Buildings represent the country’s highest source of energy demand and CO₂ emissions in Poland. However, they also offer huge potential for energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Dalkia offers innovative Virtual Energy Management System (VEMS ) to reduce energy consumption in buildings and related facilities while raising occupants’ awareness of the need to avoid energy wastage. Dalkia developed also innovative Inviso application, that provides tracking of electricity, gas, water and heat consumption in buildings. Thanks to the reporting module and comparative analysis of objects, Inviso facilitates energy efficiency investments planning.

When it comes to buildings, one of Dalkia’s greatest assets is in our ability to cover the entire energy value chain. For each building, we can:

  • Provide an energy audit
  • Draw up a plan to reduce consumption
  • Offer unparalleled technical solutions
  • Ensure long-term operation and maintenance along with energy performance management
  • Optimisation of energy cost-effectively
  • Raise occupants’ awareness of the need to save energy

Energy efficiency solutions

Rising energy costs, dwindling resources and the need to offset environmental impacts have made the drive to optimise overall energy performance one of the most important economic, environmental and social issues of our time. In order to face the challenges and meet the needs of customers, in 2013 in Dalkia in France, an energy efficiency management center – Dalkia Energy Savings Center (DESC) was created. DESC integrates building management systems (BMS) to  monitor, analyze and control energy consumption in all facilities connected to DESC regardless of their location. There are currently eight DESC branches: seven in France and one in Poland (NOC/VEMS) that manage energy consumption in over 33 thousand objects.

Local authorities

As a specialist in designing, building and operating heating networks, Dalkia helps local authorities to promote the sustainable development of cities and regions. We constantly focus on the use of renewable and recovered energy sources.


We support healthcare decision makers and stakeholders through innovative technical solutions designed to reduce the energy consumption of buildings while successfully addressing health risks and ensuring reliability.


Dalkia provides solutions that ensure the reliability of technical facilities for tertiary and industrial sites while optimising the consumption of utilities and helping manufacturers to unlock local resources through energy recovery.


Dalkia supports a wide range of stakeholders in the tertiary sector, including property developers, owners and managers. Our goal is to improve rent return and ROI while providing occupants with the level of comfort they expect from buildings. We work alongside our stakeholders to enhance the energy and environmental performance of buildings in the sector.


We support our customers by adapting to the latest requirements and new legal and financial measures to help them reduce their operating budgets through energy upgrades. Dalkia Polska Energia specialises in connecting building to the heating network. Heating network provide heating and hot water around the clock, seven days a week. Heating network connections include maintenance to provide a clearer picture of overall costs and reduce consumption.