Retrofit and Fit-out

Technological changes and innovative solutions in the area of ​artificial intelligence have revolutionised the approach to managing office space. Tenants expect integrated functions of protection, heating, air conditioning and customized solutions to increase comfort of use. The low operating costs aspect of the office is also one of the most important, taken into account by potential tenants.

Dalkia Polska Solutions offers solutions for new office spaces as well as retrofitting existing facilities. As part of the cooperation, we provide full investment service, from design to implementation including certification in the field of environmentally friendly, especially energy-saving solutions. The implementation of proprietary smartoffice systems such as VEMS, InviteMe, InvisoPro, WellMe will increase the competitiveness of the offer for tenants, providing comfort to space users and control over energy costs. Modern solutions by Dalkia Polska Solutions also have a beneficial effect on reducing the carbon footprint and promoting energy-saving habits among facility users.