Hard operational performance solutions

Dalkia will help you boost performance with a new range of integrated service solutions spanning facilities management and hard facility management maintenance for tertiary and industrial sites.

Our goal is to deliver specific, relevant, innovative technical and organisational solutions that make companies more attractive, flexible and competitive. Long-term performance is a team effort!

Operational efficiency solutions for industry

Dalkia’s services can improve the reliability of technical installations, make better use of company assets, increase occupant comfort and ensure comprehensive facilities management to keep costs well under control.

Our versatile solutions can be tailored to your specific needs whether for individual buildings, installations or plants. We cover everything from audits and preventive/corrective maintenance to raising awareness amongst staff and occupants. Our expertise spans organisational, mechanical, electrical and HVAC engineering, backed by an ability to innovate to bring you solutions that continue to enhance your economic performance in the long term.

Operational efficiency solutions for the tertiary sector

Dalkia’s custom solutions cover everything from design and renovation to operation of your assets/buildings.We work with you every step of the way to optimise and control operating costs for relevant properties through an integrated bundle of performance drivers targeting operations, energy and the environment. We also provide project-management assistance for building design and renovation, incorporating follow-up and acceptance for work carried out and operations.