Improving operational efficiency

Dalkia specialises in operational efficiency for customers.

Operational efficiency: curbing consumption and enhancing efficiency by doing more with less

Operational efficiency solutions tailor services to specific needs to help customers meet strict budget requirements while ensuring service continuity and rising to energy challenges.

  • Effective service continuity requires more efficient management of technical facilities using resources scaled to service requirements – delivering the right skills, procedures and technologies at the right time through a series of bespoke, flexible solutions. This process entails constantly tracking the level of service provided to meet strict long-term needs.
  • Rising to energy challenges means applying this operational excellence to the energy transition. It involves avoiding any surplus energy use in providing services such as heating and air conditioning to provide the level of comfort expected by occupants while delivering services such as sterilisation and industrial cooling that ensure the reliability needed for industrial processes. We provide innovative technical and organisational energy solutions that ensure the highest standards in operational and energy performance.

Dalkia offers a comprehensive, integrated range of services

  • Energy management services.
  • Services for building occupants based on specifications drawn up with our customers, working with carefully chosen partners to ensure the highest standards in operational excellence.

Managing technical services

  • We provide bespoke solutions to overcome the challenges faced by our customers, from the commonplace to the most complex.
  • We offer industrial innovations developed by our R&D specialists and operational facilities to boost performance on the ground.
  • Dalkia professionals have the crucial skills required to meet the needs of customers in any situation.
  • Proximity, agility and hands-on expertise are the watchwords for the solutions Dalkia delivers to enhance operational performance.

We help our customers to successfully combine savings, availability, reliability, flexibility and performance to hone their competitive edge.