Your needs

The energy transition is crucial to combat global warming and protect the planet. Yet although it is guided globally, it is leveraged locally with the help of local authorities, landlords, hospitals, industry and individuals. As an energy services provider, Dalkia is making the energy transition a reality for all involved. We are with you every step of the way to meet your needs and step up your sustainable energy performance. Using local sources to reduce energy consumption are real savings for city budgets, which make new investments possible. We provide a contractual guarantee of the maintenance of a low level of energy consumption in modernized facilities, in some cases achieving up to 40% energy savings.

Improving your energy performance

The cleanest energy is of course the energy we never use. Dalkia helps you unlock energy savings by drawing on international expertise in the field.

Improving operational efficiency

Dalkia ensures the energy performance of your business and of your facilities through ongoing optimisation.

Implementing energy efficiency solutions

Dalkia meets all of your project needs, from building and enhancing facilities to helping you achieve energy savings.

Developing your local renewables

Dalkia constantly creates new solutions to develop and link your local renewables, including recovered energy sources, biogas and waste.