Sustainable well-being

Sustainable well-being is in part an ability to meet present individual needs for comfort, health, mobility and consumption without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In other words, sustainable well-being means improving the way we live together while protecting our environment.

When it comes to energy, improving the way we live means achieving and maintaining a desired level of comfort while drawing on different methods to curb CO₂ emissions. These efforts implicate us all, from local authorities and hospitals to social landlords and “ordinary” citizens. Dalkia delivers a wide range of solutions to meet these goals by harnessing local energy sources and enabling a cleaner approach to energy management.

Enhancing comfort through effective energy management

Dalkia is committed to helping customers control their consumption by producing and distributing clean, local energy sources, designing and servicing technical facilities and optimising use. The Dalkia Energy Savings Center (DESC) combines artificial intelligence with people-powered solutions to collect data from facilities and boost the energy performance of homes, offices and other types of building. This lets facilities do more with less to meet the real needs of users and provide an optimal, sustainable level of comfort while keep utility bills under control.

District heating networks are often compared to central heating systems on the scale of an entire city or region. They provide the perfect tool to enhance all-round comfort. They offer numerous benefits, including a constant temperature with a steady supply of competitively priced hot water and heating that is always available.

Improving reliability and preventing fuel poverty through energy efficiency and local resources

Dalkia offers solutions tailored to the challenges customers face in terms of competitiveness, secure supply and environmental protection. By harnessing the power of local renewable and recovered energy sources, we can cut bills to prevent fuel poverty and shrink carbon footprints. Diversifying sources enables more flexible management and offsets the risk of power-outs and shortages.

Other initiatives to promote sustainable well-being include introducing measures to promote energy efficiency and using energy coaching to raise awareness of greener practices.

New digital services

Dalkia is also shaping tomorrow’s smart cities through the use of smart grids and connected devices, otherwise known as the Internet of things (IoT). We offer innovative solutions to help customers play a more proactive part in their local energy transition while improving their energy experience through smart buildings and Industry 4.0.