Smart buildings

Dalkia uses smart building technology to unlock energy savings and enhance comfort for building occupants.

What is a smart building?

Smart buildings provide new services to enhance occupant comfort and empower people to take charge of their energy management. Smart buildings are an integral part of the smart city concept. It’s about seeing the bigger picture to promote more intelligent, eco-friendly urban development.

Smart buildings leverage new digital solutions to optimise energy consumption. They are a vital string to our bow in the bid to tackle climate change. In France, for instance, the buildings sector is the leading source of energy use.

The Dalkia approach to smart buildings

Dalkia works with startups to design sensors and management systems. The data collected by these different sensors are fed into modelling programs that incorporate artificial intelligence systems to tailor energy supply to customer demand in real time. The result is smarter buildings.

We also use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to provide an interactive, collaborative 3D view of the building and related operations. This enables smart facility management to make buildings more efficient and less energy intensive.

Ready to Grid (“R2G”) buildings

Dalkia connects smart buildings to their environment by providing smart grids with the flexibility, shedding capabilities, storage capacity and energy production needed to ensure a steady supply on the scale of cities and regions.