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Dalkia Polska

Dalkia Polska provides a full range of energy services, from management and optimization of heating and cooling networks, the use of local energy resources to energy efficiency services of buildings and industrial installations. Our solutions fit into the strategy of fighting for clean air. We offer benefits in reducing CO2 emissions as well as long-term cost savings associated with energy consumption. Thanks to this, we have a significant share in improving air quality using local energy sources, and our clients can meet the challenges of Poland’s energy transformation.

As a part of Dalkia Group, Dalkia Wastenergy is also Present in Poland. www.dalkiawastenergy.pl

Dalkia Polska Solutions

Dalkia Polska Solutions deals with the comprehensive design, construction and maintenance of technical installations in public, commercial and industrial buildings. It provides construction and arrangement services for office spaces in the design & build system, performs internal installations and provides and installs equipment for commercial spaces. As part of the solutions offered, the company uses innovative IT and IoT systems to manage energy efficiency in buildings, such as the Virtual Energy Management System (VEMS©). During 15 years of presence on the market, the company has completed over 2,000 projects in the country and abroad.


Dalkia Polska Energia

Dalkia Polska Energia is a leader in energy services in the Silesian-Dąbrowa conurbation. Specializes in the production and distribution of heat and electricity, supplied, among others to mines, industrial plants and flats. It produces cogeneration electricity based on methane obtained from the mine’s methane drainage station. The company has nearly 620 MW of thermal power in four cogeneration sources and 11 production plants. With an annual heat production of around 3 million GJ, the company has about 8% share in the local system heat market. For heat production, Dalkia Polska Energia is also testing the combustion of tariff biomass and wood pellets, which are an ecological alternative to coal.


Dalkia in France

Dalkia Froid Solutions

Dalkia Froid Solutions specializes in the production of cold for industrial and commercial clients as well as in air-conditioning engineering. The company’s mission is to ensure the right temperature in buildings while optimizing energy consumption and protecting the environment. It uses its innovative solutions to control the entire production process from consulting to design, installation and maintenance. Dalkia Froid Solutions have a wide range of applications, thanks to which the company has gained experience in many sectors of the economy.


Dalkia Smart Building

Dalkia Smart Building specializes in the design and implementation of innovative energy and digital solutions with guaranteed results. The company combines the functions of a design office and general investment contractor with a specialization in technical solutions.


Dalkia Wastenergy

Dalkia Wastenergy addresses its offer to local governments and local authorities interested in innovative solutions on the municipal waste market. The company specializes in the production of energy and heat from waste incineration, intended for municipal heating systems, for industry and agriculture. The company offers waste processing by methanation and composting for the production of compost and biogas, RDF, recovered solid fuels used in cement plants and incineration plants. The company also offers the recovery of raw materials from waste by sorting and packaging recyclable fractions (plastics, fibers, metals) giving waste a second life.


Dalkia Biogaz

Dalkia Biogas is a company specializing in the production, processing and use of biogas in industry. The company focuses on the methanation process that allows the use of biogas both in cogeneration and for direct supply of the natural gas distribution network.


Dalkia Air Solutions

Dalkia Air Solutions offers a full range of audit, design, installation and maintenance services for compressed air, nitrogen and breathing air systems for all industry sectors. Compressed air is a very efficient energy carrier, so it can be used to save it