Retrofit and Fit-Out

Dalkia Polska Solutions offers a wide range of retrofit and fit-out services of existing offices, commercial and public facilities. We provide investment implementation services in the design & build system, from design and construction-building works to comprehensive surface arrangements. In our offer, as part of improving the energy efficiency of buildings, we implement innovative energy saving programs dedicated to commercial customers. We combine engineering with low-voltage systems and automation – i.e. elements of intelligent buildings. We manage the consumption of electricity, heat, cooling, gas and water.

As an engineering company, Dalkia Polska Solutions relies on the use of existing systems in the building. We combine them by supporting new control, software that uses knowledge of predicted weather conditions and referring to the current use of the facility (number of employees, clients etc.). The combination of the above allows you to optimise the use of utilities, heat, cold, fresh air in relation to external conditions, as well as react to changing environmental conditions in real time.