Energy efficiency for public buildings

Reducing energy consumption in public buildings

Costs of energy consumption have heavily burdened the budgets of property owners, tenants and local authorities. Optimisation of energy consumption in public buildings, such as schools or hospitals, helps reduce public costs, thanks to innovative management systems. Dalkia Polska Solutions has developed a Digital2Energy offer which combines innovative facilities management systems.

Bespoke solutions to help local authorities implement the energy transition

Digital2Energy ensures a more cost-effective approach and greater control over the budget in delivering energy savings while improving building comfort, reliability and quality of service. Digital2 Energy caters to the specific needs of each building, covering everything from schools to town halls and theatres.

Digital2Energy makes it easier to balance the budget for building improvements while unlocking energy savings.

Digital2Energy ensures reduced energy consumption with or without refurbishments while limiting outlay in line with project investment capabilities.

Digital2Energy delivers innovative, effective solutions to ensure that heating services meet standards in terms of availability and quality, even while work is being carried out, in line with relevant regulations.