Dalkia Polska Energia – a partner of local authorities in smog reduction and regional energy efficiency improvement

The draft of “Polish Energy Policy till 2040”, the main strategic document in Polish energy sector provides for a 30% reduction in CO₂ emissions by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels). It also says about an increase of Polish energy efficiency by 23% (compared to the level in 2007).

According to experts, the most effective way to generate energy is heat from cogeneration.

Dalkia Polska Energia produces combined heat and power (CHP), based on mine gas from the coal mining process. The heat generated in this way supplies heating networks in the Silesia region, and the power is used by industrial customers. Over 30% of the heat produced at the Dalkia’s heat and power plant in Katowice is generated from mine methane.

The use of methane in cogeneration has a positive impact on the environment, as it significantly reduces emissions. Only in 2018 Dalkia Polska Energia avoided 376 777 tons of CO₂ emissions – it’s almost as if 167 000 cars disappeared from Silesian roads.

Benefits of cogeneration for the environment

reduction of methane emissions by

22.5 million m³

reduction of CO₂ emissions by

321 774 tons

reduction of SO₂ emissions by

260.2 tons

reduction of dust emission by

62.4 tons