Local authorities

Local authorities are at the forefront of the energy transition

Local authorities spearhead measures to implement the energy transition in their region. That is why, they must ensure an exemplary approach. They need to deliver energy solutions that promote a more circular economy to support residents and other regional stakeholders (such as industry and the tertiary sector) while combating energy poverty.

On the scale of individual buildings, districts and regions, Dalkia works with local authorities to define and implement local energy strategies with a view to improving citizens live and enhancing the appeal of cities and regions.

We ensure energy is produced from secure, sustainable, competitive sources for heating networks. Our solutions make the most of recovered and renewable energy sources

We also improve the energy and environmental performance of local public assets through solutions that involve designing, installing, operating, servicing and retrofitting energy facilities. These solutions make the most of such assets and keep costs under control.

We draw on the full range of expertise required to meet the needs of local authorities through increasingly effective and innovative technical, contractual and financial solutions. We also implement projects in the Design, Build, Operate, Maintain (DBOM), energy saving company (ESCO) and public-private partnership (PPP) formula and guarantee the maintenance of a low level of energy consumption in modernised facilites, in some cases achieving up to 40% energy savings.