Dalkia provides solutions that ensure the reliability of technical facilities for tertiary and industrial sites while optimising the consumption of utilities and helping manufacturers to unlock local resources through energy recovery.

Optimaising management of utilities used for industrial processes

Dalkia combines effective budget management with operational efficiency at industrial plants. Our solutions enable industry to focus on its core business, limiting the impact of variable energy prices. We help to improve performance and reduce media consumption.

Harnessing waste energy from industry to benefit the surrounding region

Dalkia’s solutions unlock the full potential of untapped energy sources to improve energy efficiency while meeting all requirements for industrial processes. By converting waste heat into a renewable energy source, Dalkia contributes in the diversification of the local energy mix.

Reducing the energy consumption of industrial buildings

VEMS (Virtual Energy Management System) is a comprehensive solution that adapts energy consumption to the ongoing needs of the facilities. Our offer includes also solutions in the field of renewable energy and recycled sources.

Energy transformation projects – grid connections instead of non-ecological energy sources

Connection to the heating network provides cheap, convenient and reliable heating, which is obtained locally using renewable energy sources.

Integrated HVAC engineering

We specialise in mechanical (heat, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.) and electrical works (general, medium and low voltage electrical works, logical networks, automation, access control systems, structured cabling, etc.). All projects are carried out in relation with building regulations, health and safety regulations, fire safety and the generally accepted good construction practice. For all our realization we deliver full as-built documentation.

We also specialise in modernization of existing installations. We guarantee that the modernized systems will work in accordance with their intended purpose.

Technical consulting

We provide consulting services for technical support as well as consulting assistance in the operation of industrial facilities.