Enhancing health, safety and comfort while reducing energy consumption

Improving the energy efficiency of hospitals and healthcare facilities brings social, environmental and economic benefits. Dalkia supports healthcare stakeholders through innovative technical solutions that reduce consumption while ensuring reliable systems, clean air and water, comfortable surroundings for occupants and enhanced energy performance.

VEMS (Virtual Energy Management System) is a comprehensive solution that adapts energy consumption to the ongoing needs of the facilities. Our offer includes also solutions in the field of renewable energy and recycled sources.

We ensure reduced energy consumption through effective management of systems and improvements to technical facilities and buildings. Thanks to our innovative web application invisoPro, hospitals managers can easily follow-up their energy consumptions and costs.

We ensure the quality and availability of energy utilities, including heating and air conditioning. Our Digital2Energy solutions also provides compliance with relevant standards and initiatives to successfully manage healthcare challenges.

Digital2Energy solutions reduces greenhouse gas emissions, makes building occupants more aware of the need to use energy wisely. We also provide solutions based on renewable and recovered energy sources.

Dalkia can implement energy efficiency projects in attractive financial formulas DBOM, ESCO and PPP.